STEP Demo June 2020—Construction Complete

The Certificate of Occupancy for the new building recently constructed on the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) campus in San Antonio has been received, and component manufacturing and equipment installation is following along quickly.

The 22,000 square foot building will house the 10-megawatt Supercritical Transformational Electric Power (STEP) pilot plant with a separate electronics room and a 30-ton crane to support the project operation and construction of the supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) power block. Other external elements on the 5-acre facility include external heating elements and a cooling tower. Skid-mounted components will allow for reconfiguration to accommodate future testing on other sCO2-cycle-based power system and components.

Commissioning and start-up is slated for early next year to illustrate the operability and performance of this high-efficiency power cycle over a range of operating conditions and mitigate risks in the advancement of sCO2 technology.

News Release: A STEP closer to transformational electric power

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This open project is welcoming new partners from around the world. OEMs, engineering companies, and power plant owner/operators are invited to join to gain a better understanding of how sCO2 technology can improve high-efficiency power generation.


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