March 2023—DOE Visit to Facility

In March, representatives from DOE visited the STEP Demo facility for a tour to see the how the demonstration is advancing toward system-level testing. Supercritical CO2 power technology enables next-generation electric power plants to be more efficient and help meet the global demand for a low-cost, environmentally friendly, flexible, and resilient energy transition.

It enhances grid stability and is applicable to a broad variety of low- and zero-emission heat sources, including waste heat from industrial sources, geothermal, biomass, concentrated solar, and natural gas with and without carbon capture.

Developing and maturing the technology at pilot scale will facilitate commercial applications and spur the development of necessary designs, materials, components, operation and control systems, sensors, and understanding and characterization needed for larger-scale sCO2</sub power conversion systems.


Become a project partner

This open project is welcoming new partners from around the world. OEMs, engineering companies, and power plant owner/operators are invited to join to gain a better understanding of how sCO2 technology can improve high-efficiency power generation.


For more information, contact Markus Lesemann directly.