Accelerating the Deployment of Underground Hydrogen Storage

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Large-scale low-cost storage solutions will be critical to implementing a hydrogen economy. SUSTAIN H2 (Subsurface Storage Technological Advancements & Innovation for Hydrogen) is a new GTI Energy collaboration that will accelerate the deployment of safe and cost-effective long-term underground hydrogen storage (UHS) through a combination of scientific expertise, market insights, field experience, and industry collaboration.

SUSTAIN H2 will unite researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to bridge the gap between underground hydrogen storage research and deployment. The collaboration will provide well-tested, safe technologies that align developments with market demands and expedite UHS infrastructure deployment.

The future of hydrogen storage and transportation networks hinges on timely infrastructure development, necessitating careful planning, social acceptance, and economic feasibility. SUSTAIN H2 aims to provide decision-makers with insights on proven technologies to address these challenges effectively. The initiative aims to deliver a comprehensive assessment of large-scale UHS development across all U.S. regions that evaluates capacity, efficiency, safety, and the potential for infrastructure reutilization, along with the economic feasibility.

Cross-cutting collaboration with a diverse set of stakeholders is essential to minimize redundant research efforts and explore opportunities for complementary activities that expedite the advancement of UHS, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


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Engage diverse stakeholders to coordinate cross-collaborative R&D

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Address key technical challenges to resolve critical uncertainties

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Facilitate data collection, sharing, and analysis to guide site selection

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Complete national and regional assessments of UHS development

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Accelerate field deployment by engaging all stakeholders and reducing remaining uncertainties

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Sustain H2 is convening researchers, policymakers, and industry to exchange knowledge and share expertise toward implementation of field pilots. To learn more about the collaboration and how you can join in to accelerate innovation please complete the contact form.