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The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI) LCA Toolkit is an open-sourced and standardized accounting methodology for calculating carbon intensity of hydrogen production at the facility level. This toolkit is used to calculate a facility specific carbon intensity value, and is also accompanied with a data quality score. This comprehensive and versatile methodology characterizes a complete hydrogen production system with default values, inclusive of user over-rides.

The scope of this toolkit begins with primary energy exploration through transportation & refinement of primary energy, ending at the point of hydrogen production at the plant gate with a standardized functional unit of hydrogen. The work streams covered in this toolkit include natural gas supply, biomass & RNG supply, power generation, gasification, gas conversion, electrolysis, and carbon management. The OHI LCA Toolkit consists of over 60 energy systems, over 200 technologies, and over 270 regions and countries around the world.

OHI was developed with collaboration at top of mind. With the expertise of over 40 researchers, and support and input from over 40 partner organizations, the OHI cohort came together to build this world-class hydrogen measurement toolkit to lay the foundation for low-carbon hydrogen markets.

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