Keyhole Technology

Keyhole Consortium Group

The GTI Energy Keyhole Consortium Group is made up of utilities, distributors, and manufacturers located in the U.S. and overseas. Managed by GTI Energy, this group strives to provide value and share ideas to contribute to the acceptance and advancement of keyhole technology.

Much of the information on this site has been created based on our efforts.

he KCG makes members rapidly aware of the latest developments and provides direction for keyhole technologies. We provide an arena for utilities to efficiently share information among themselves--as well as with manufacturers--and gives the utilities a unified voice in the marketplace. Manufacturers can receive feedback and understand the needs of the utilities with respect to keyhole technology through this unified voice.

This information sharing, along with testing and development work, creates the driving force that propels keyhole technology forward and expands the capabilities and effectiveness.

Specific value provided through participation in the Keyhole Consortium Group includes:

  • Development and access to a centralized information resource center containing technical reports, guidelines, and best practices to assist in the implementation and acceptance (internal and external) of the keyhole process.
  • A community of industry experts which promotes open communication and sharing of information and experiences.
  • Provide technical expertise and resources needed to support the implementation and acceptance of this innovative technology.
  • A concerted group effort to gain jurisdictional acceptance of the keyhole coring process.

Keyhole Consortium Group Membership Opportunities

Information about Keyhole Consortium Group membership can be found here as well as an allocation form. Our membership Only area is just one of many reasons to consider a GTI Energy Keyhole Consortium membership.

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