Emerging Technology Program

Accelerating the Market Acceptance of Efficient Technologies


Promising emerging technologies are vetted by a general screening criteria.

Criteria include:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • energy savings potential
  • impact on utility operations
  • manufacturer commitment
  • fit with energy efficiency programs

Project proposals are then developed for technologies that pass screening. ETP projects are funded by members on an opt-in basis, and are typically deployed or demonstrated at customer sites. Projects and demonstrations help validate performance, characterize market potential and implementation strategies, and creates datasets to support prescriptive measure and marketing programs.

In 2016, GTI’s ETP conducted over 20 active demonstration, pilot, and lab projects across a dozen technologies. Members funding projects have enhanced access to specific project information, including raw data and real-time project outcomes.

Anticipated projects or demos by market sector include:

RESIDENTIAL: Tankless Integrated Space and Water Heaters

Integrated space and water heat systems use a single 'thermal engine' to provide domestic water heating and space heating for a customer's home. Estimates suggest the installation of an integrated water/space heating system would reduce a customer's natural gas bill by over 200 therms annually. This presents the opportunity for a promising residential gas energy efficiency program which fits with traditional program delivery strategies, cost-effectiveness tests, and existing delivery channels (HVAC and plumbing contractors).

COMMERCIAL: Rooftop Units (Including DOA and Gas PACs)

GTI is working with the HVAC manufacturing community to expand the availability and adoption of cost-effective, high-efficiency rooftop space conditioning units and unit space heaters. Conventional non-condensing, gas-fired commercial rooftop units (RTUs) installed today typically offer 80% heating efficiency. High-efficiency condensing units have the potential to upgrade efficiency to 93%. This market represents a significant untapped potential of gas savings for energy efficiency programs, especially for northern utilities.

INDUSTRIAL: Advanced Heat Recovery Systems (Large Commercial/Industrial Boilers)

The recently developed Ultramizer® advanced heat recovery system (AHRS), featuring GTI's patented Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC) technology, simultaneously improves boiler efficiency and reduces make-up water consumption by capturing over half of the waste heat and 20-40% of the water vapor in boiler exhaust gases. Based on actual lab and field data, the Ultramizer® can raise the overall boiler efficiency from 78% to as high as 95%.