Carbon Management

Carbon management is a key environmental concern among all stakeholders. Common sense, cost-effective solutions that can reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide and other potential greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere are needed. All sectors of the energy industry are looking to enhance their environmental performance.

The development of new energy-efficient technologies is one of the most important and easiest ways that we can lower energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and control greenhouse gas emissions. GTI programs in power generation (including combined heat and power), transportation, industrial,
residential, and commercial markets are targeted at efficiency and emission drivers. Our researchers have broad expertise in alternative combustion systems and approaches that lower the carbon intensity.

Blending renewable fuels with fossil fuels or substituting altogether is a proven path for creating low-carbon fuels. GTI is active in a range of biomass conversion processes and has extensive background in gas processing and clean-up technologies to produce gaseous and liquid biofuels suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our efforts encompass a broad range of technologies for carbon capture, control, and utilization. GTI is working on a multitude of projects to quantify and mitigate methane emissions from various sources and identify opportunities for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Webinar: The Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization in Decarbonization

Carbon capture and utilization is a promising option to lower environmental footprint and play a prominent role in decarbonization strategies, and the CO2 that is captured can be put to good use. Come learn about next-generation energy-efficient processes that offer significant economic advantages. Check out the recording of this 30-minute webinar from March 2021.

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Capturing Carbon with Carbo-Lock™ Hollow Fiber Contactor Technology

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Cleaning and Conditioning Biogas for Use in Clean Power

The Gills Onion Advanced Energy Recovery System project was presented with the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership…

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Morphysorb® Process for Gas-Treating Applications

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